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According to "The Simple Golf Swing Tips For Beginners", the biggest problem beginners face in improving their golf swing stems from the way you hold your golf club.

Think about the last time you hit a bad shot. What did you think about your golf swing? Didn't you tell yourself:

"Ok, now the next shot HAS to be better - so I can make up for what I lost with this one"

Didn't that make you a little more tense, anxious and nervous? Sure it did. And do you know what your hands do when that happens?

You grip the club too hard - ruining your golf swing.

The most valuable golf swing tip a pro can give a beginner is to try not to strangle your golf club. It really can be as simple as that to improve your golf swing - and equally important is the idea of writing down tips and lessons you learn over time, so you develop a kind of checklist to refer back to often.

By looking at that list, and mentally working your way down it, your mind gets distracted from the worry of the last shot going wrong - and without tension, you now hold your club more 'naturally'. You focus on the next shot, releasing the tension that crept into your game.

It may take some time and making mistakes before your golf swing checklist is complete. But once you have the major points down to an easy-to-remember list, all that's left is to memorize it, and then mentally play it back to yourself as you stand on the golf course addressing your ball.

Follow through[]

Even if your back swing is not the one your looking for, a clean follow through can render your terrible back swing obselete and can make the ball travel the direction that you're aiming for. A common known tip for a well executed follow through is that the more you follow through, the further the ball travel. People used to say that a good swing is made from a good follow through.

The list of simple rules to improve your golf swing could literally become your 'game saver'. Use it the next time you play - it's an amazingly powerful technique.

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