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A photo of Srixon.

Srixon is a company that produces golf balls as well as golf clubs typically targeting to the moderately skilled golfer.

Product Line[]

Srixon produces both clubs and golf balls and, although the company controls a smaller market share than rivals Titleist and Callaway, is still relatively popular in the United States.

Golf Balls[]


  • Srixon W-506
  • Srixon Z-RW


  • Srixon AD Hybrids


  • Srixon I 506 Irons
  • Srixon Pro 100 Irons
  • Srixon WG-504 Wedges
  • Srixon I701 Irons
  • Srixon I701 Tour Irons
  • Srixon WG-706 Wedges


  • Srixon P-513
  • Srixon P-514

PGA Tour Support[]

Srixon has picked up noticeable support from tour players, the most popular being Jim Furyk, Robert Allenby and Brian Davis.

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