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Titleist 755 photo.

The Titleist 755s are a set of irons produced and sold by Titleist.

Construction details[]

The 755 series irons are crafted using stainless steel and a forged aluminum vibration chip. The clubs come stock with the Titleist rubber grip and TriSpec steel shaft. The club is specially crafted to provide more control and a better hit, and only retains slight perimeter weighting for forgiveness. Thus, the club targets the above average or skilled player for purchase.

Customization details[]

The irons are available from 2 to pitching wedge for right handed players, while left handed players can only order the two iron custom. The custom length varies from + 2 inches to - 1 inch. Loft can be adjusted within two degrees on either side, while lie can be adjusted four degrees. Custom graphite shafts can be ordered for an additional $17 per club.


The Titleist 755 irons are upper tier clubs as far as price, with each club costing between $112 and $129, relying on whether you are ordering steel or graphite shafts (graphite is a custom option).

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